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Map of Protected Areas

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1. Line Creek Nature Area – Open to the public

2. Flat Creek Nature Area – Open to the public

3. Sams Lake Bird Sanctuary – Open to the public

4. Morgan Grove – Open to the public

5. The Ridge Nature Area – Now in development

6. Nesmith Preserve / Environmental Study Area – Open to the public

7. Hudgins Wetland Preserve – Conservation Easement

8. “The Retreat” – Conservation Easement

9. “Cackle Corner” – Conservation Easement

10. Camp Southern Ground / GM – Conservation Easement

11. Rowland Rd – Conservation Easement

12. Bogle Family Farm – Conservation Easement

13. Estes / Big Red Oak Plantation – Conservation Easement

14. Rains Branch – Conservation Easement

15. Walden Park – Conservation Easement

16. Bay Branch – private preserve

17. Shockley Preserve – private preserve

18. Cowan Preserve – private preserve

19. Legere Preserve – private preserve

Southern Conservation Trust manages or owns five public preserves:  Line Creek Nature Area, Flat Creek Nature Area, Nesmith Preserve/Environmental Study Area, Morgan Grove Preserve and Sams Lake Bird Sanctuary. Flat Creek and Line Creek are owned by the City of Peachtree City. The Trust owns Sams Lake Bird Sanctuary, Nesmith Preserve and Morgan Grove Nature Area.  The Trust is currently working to open its six public preserve on Burch Road, Fayetteville, which is a management partnership with the City of Fayetteville.

Four additional preserves owned by the Trust are private and not open to the public at this time: Bay Branch Preserve, Cowan Preserve, Legere Preserve and Shockley Preserve.

The Trust holds nine conservation easements on approximately 1250 acres of private land.  A conservation easement permanently protects a landowner’s property from development and can provide significant federal and state tax benefits. Private land protected by conservation easement is not open to the public.

If you have any questions about the preserves the Trust owns, manages and protects, please contact us.

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