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Exploring Sams Lake Sanctuary

stompin_in_the_mud_croppedKids of all ages take a closer look at the abundant plants and animals in one of our local wetland habitats. Sams Lake Sanctuary is a frequent outdoor classroom for Swamp Stompin’ and other programs jointly sponsored by the Trust with the Fayette County Parks & Recreation Department.

Nature Explorers adventures for kids and their parents is lead by Mike Swanson, Program Coordinator with Fayette County Parks & Recreation Department and a volunteer Interpretive Naturalist with the Trust.

Swamp stompers learn about the importance of preserving wetlands as a wildlife habitat, for flood prevention (they act like sponges), and how wetlands and their plants act as nature’s water filter by removing pollutants.

The wetland wildlife observed during the Swamp Stomp included:

  • frogs
  • toads
  • tadpoles (including large bullfrog tadpoles)
  • crayfish
  • aquatic insects
  • eastern tiger and black swallowtail butterflies
  • wolf spider
  • banana spider
  • spiny orb weaver
  • great blue heron
  • evidence of the resident beavers
  • juvenile midland water snake
  • queen snake

Want to know when the next Nature Explorers adventure will take place? Check back here on our site or Contact Us. We’ll keep you up-to-date on scheduled events.


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