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Mule Rock Carving

If you frequently explore the trails at Line Creek Nature Area, you’ve likely seen the stone mule carving (commonly called ‘mule rock’) gracing a big flat rock close to the stream bank, But, you may not know who created it and why.


Glen Allen, shortly after carving mule rock in 1984

It was the handy work of longtime Peachtree City resident, Glen Allen. An avid outdoorsman and lover of mules, he was inspired to create something permanent for all to enjoy in an area he treasures.

Taking five weeks to complete, he finished his artistic endeavor in December of 1984; perfect timing for the 1st National Mule Day taking place the following year on Oct 26.

A testament to his many talents and determined spirit, Glen had never carved anything prior to creating mule rock. But, he had watched his sculptor brother through the years and decided he’d try. Glen even had to fashion a special chisel in order to transform the rock into his impressive carving.

“Once I found this nice flat rock, I managed to find a tiny ledge perfect to be its eye, and then I carved the mule around it,” remembers Glen. He laughs when he adds, “I also accidentally chipped off too much when creating its ear…the ear was supposed to be longer.”

Glen Allen, March 2011

Glen Allen, March 2011



Long or short ear, the carving draws a lot of visitors who think its perfect. Because so many people travel from the ridge down to Line Creek to see mule rock, the Trust had to fix the badly eroded and well worn path last fall. A new, gently winding trail was created by a group of volunteers to make the journey safer. So, the next time you visit Line Creek, be sure to check out mule rock again, now knowing its great story.

For an Additional Story on Glen visit Additional Story  . Also you may check his story and carving tools on display at the Peachtree City Library.

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