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Private Preserves

Bay Branch Conservation Area

Bay Branch Conservation Area is a private preserve in Fayetteville. It is a 13.6-acre property donated by the developer of Bay Branch Condominiums and includes a 4-acre meadow (drained pond), 1.6 acres of upland wooded habitat, and 8 acres of forested wetland. This property was acquired to protect it from encroachment of the surrounding residential areas, provide wildlife habitat, and buffer adjacent land uses.


2013-03-09_11-45-54_484-300x225Shockley Preserve

The Shockley Preserve was a donation of Dr. Carol Shockley and had been in her family for more than 30 years. The conservation area is primarily for “wetland protection, watershed buffer protection of Morning Creek, pond management and wildlife enhancement”. The Preserve is adjacent to an existing conservation area providing additional wetland and riparian conservation.




The Cowan Preserve

The Cowan Preserve is a 4 acre wetland on Whitewater Creek that was a contribution by Joel Cowan. This parcel is another acquisition in our initiative to restore resiliency to The Flint River Watershed. Watershed buffer protection allows water to naturally provide flows into The Flint River from within the basin.




Legere Preserve

This 19 acre parcel is another piece of Southern Conservation Trust’s initiatives to restore resiliency to The Flint River Basin.     This wetlands  includes a tributary of Empire Park Creek, mesic hardwoods, and a small upland area. Located in Atlanta this property is prime for evaluation for passive recreation and/or community gardens. This contribution was made by US Land Preservation, LLC and Al Legere.

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