Over 65+ Delta employees and their families volunteered on April 1st, 2017. Over 65+ Delta employees and their families volunteered on April 1st, 2017.
PEACHTREE CITY, April 6, 2017 – If you happened upon Line Creek Nature Area in the heart of Peachtree City on Saturday, it’s likely that people were everywhere and parking was unavailable.  This effort was part of EarthShare Georgia’s Corporate Green Day Challenge in which more than 12 leading companies across Atlanta competed throughout the Atlanta area.

A Delta Employees Son Uses His Waders To Plant on the Duck Nesting Island

Delta Airlines partnered with the Southern Conservation Trust and the Flint Riverkeeper to complete the wetland project at Line Creek Nature Area that has been years in the making. The project, started with the City of Peachtree City and Trinity Development to put in place a sustainable wetland below the new Overlook Shopping center.
Thanks to more than 65 Delta employees and their families, as well as volunteers from the Fayette County Extension Office, the Fayette Butterfly Project, and the Fayette Master Gardeners the wetland is now nearly ready for its official grand opening coming later this spring.
Over 250 native pollinating plants went in, increasing the wetland habitat to promote wood duck nesting and the planting of a 20ft x 30ft butterfly garden, the first on the Fayette County Butterfly Trail.  It only took 4 hours for the team to accomplish all the planting as well as staining the new observation deck, fencing, and three bridges.  A local Girl Scout Troop was also on hand and dispersed more than 8 pounds of wildflower seeds at Line Creek Nature Area.  The group from Delta also came with a tractor in tow and used the generous gift of mulch from Monster Tree Service to add much needed mulch to the trails.
“When you look around and see people taking time out to serve their communities, you want to add to the momentum and show your appreciation by contributing,” said Delta TechOps Engineer, Jami Ference. “There’s a certain gratification from our work this weekend, knowing that we were not only helping the Southern Conservation Trust create the wetland park they envisioned but also making this a beautiful outdoor space for the public to enjoy.”
Delta employees brought there children, many of which were scouts to volunteer. Delta employees brought there children, many of which were scouts to volunteer.
For more information on the official grand opening of the Wetland at Line Creek Nature Area please follow the Southern Conservation Trust on Facebook and Instagram. All photographs were taken by Steve Tochilin, Delta General Manager of Environmental Sustainability.
About the Southern Conservation Trust
The Southern Conservation Trust protects greenspace, conserves forests, safeguards rivers, protects wildlife, provides environmental education, and ensures that our children have access to nature in our communities.  Learn more about how you can partner with the Southern Conservation Trust and protect your land at www.sctlandtrust.org.
A Delta Family Volunteers at Line Creek Nature Area
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