Exposure to nature’s elements is a natural, quick remedy for our mental and physical health. Here are few listed below to take advantage of right outside your home, or at one of our local nature areas!
1. Sunlight
A variety of our bodies’ functions are directly affected by sunlight. All of the wavelengths provided by sunlight that our bodies need, are not found in the electrical lighting used by individuals daily. This everyday contact with false lighting can eliminate our connection with the sun’s daily and seasonal cycles. The use of the sun to light the indoors has been proven to enhance school and workplace production. Sunshine exposure on the hands and face alone can lessen winter depression.
Numerous studies have discovered the direct importance of sunlight exposure. Consistent sunshine can improve heart health, muscle strength, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Melatonin production also increases through sunlight, along with the body’s feel good neurotransmitter, serotonin.
2. Dark nights
On the contrary, our bodies are prompted to fall asleep by the night’s darkness. Street, traffic and porch lights interfere with those indications to fall asleep. Discoveries have proved that if there is an abundance of light in the bedroom it will disrupt melatonin production and furthermore the sleep cycle. That disruption in the sleep cycle causes negative health effects similar to jet lag.
Today’s modern habit of texting or checking emails before bed throws off many sleep cycles. The electronic screens blue lights imitate sunshine, tricking our bodies’ natural sleep pattern, resulting in insomnia. Recommendations for those with sleeping problems, should use warm, red based light within two hours before bedtime, or set device settings to nighttime appropriate displays. These tricks prevent blue light from disrupting the circadian rhythms.
3. Greenery
Plant therapy is a field of psychology that studies the care provided for plants gives humans a sense of meaning joy. Our subconscious mind is triggered when we see lush, green plants. Patients who see greenery recovery more quickly in hospitals; and the presence of plants in windowless offices helps employees work more efficient and lowers blood pressure. Urban neighborhoods with an abundant amount of greenery atmospheres has helped foster social connections.
4. Sensory nourishment
Our bodies senses flourish on transforming and rich textures. Our eyes are working best when there are a variety of lighting levels in a room, because there is an abundance of color scales to explore visually. This causes a visual shift between near and far focus from time after time.
Our auditory nerves adapt best to quiet and variable background noises including the sound of a river, birds singing and wind in the trees. On the contrary, loud noises consisting of traffic, construction and monotonous sounds dull our energy.
Our olfactory nerve retrieves information about scents whether it be familiar or unfamiliar. Our sense of smell will warn us of danger such as smoke from a fire, or poisonous gases. Most importantly, taking a deep breath in a forest or in the mountains, provides a natural and relaxing sense of relief for mental health.
Take note of your senses where you spend time the most. Would it be possible to provide anything that can positively trigger the visual, auditory, or olfactory senses? On the other hand, take note of how you can minimize unflattering and monotonous sensory?
5. Water
Without a doubt, drinking water is vital for survival and overall health, however there are numerous methods water provides. Soaking in water or gazing at it is beneficial for our bodies, too. Studies prove that soaking in warm water balances the nervous system and reduces stress. Patients with anxiety disorders felt more at ease after 15 minutes of warm water immersion. A bath with chamomile and lavender oils can help ease your way into a good night’s sleep. For many athletes and active individuals, a warm Epsom salt bath can soothe overexerted muscles and joints.
Installations of ponds, fountains, or waterfalls provides a primal need of water in your views cape. Try for installations indoors at home and in the work space.

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