Wetland Habitat Protected in the City of Marietta
PEACHTREE CITY, November 29th, 2018 – The Southern Conservation Trust, a Georgia based land conservation organization working to protect vital habitats and resources, today announces a new protected wetland in the City of Marietta, Georgia.
The project, a 5.5 acre wetland listed in the National Wetlands Inventory as a freshwater forested/shrub wetland on Rottenwood Creek and is a high priority habitat within the city limits that will be forever protected as greenspace and used for environmental research – meeting the goal for future land conservation and greenspace in the City of Marietta’s Comprehensive Plan.
The habitat is in the Chattahoochee River Basin, part of the larger Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint (ACF) River Basin.  The headwaters and important segments of the Chattahoochee River system are major suppliers of drinking water for Georgia and surrounding states. Poor land use practices, such as those associated with land clearing for development and road building, negatively impact water quality. The protection of the new Alford Preserve will ensure that this segment of Rottenwood Creek is forever protected.
The property was generously donated by the family of Mr. Eugene Alford of Atlanta. A graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Mr. Alford was an avid outdoorsman throughout his life, beginning with his youth in Columbus, during which he achieved Eagle Scout, Scouting’s highest rank, and later as he explored Georgia’s many barrier islands and hiked America’s national parks
The property, to be known as the Alford Nature Preserve, is the first land donation in the history of The Southern Conservation Trust within Cobb County, Georgia. The gift will protect and enhance biologically-significant habitat for a range of plant and animal species. “Alford Nature Preserve will  protect land, wetlands, and habitats, that are vital within the City of Marietta,” said Katie Pace, Executive Director of the Southern Conservation Trust. “We look forward to working with our partners to preserve and protect Georgia’s land as well as provide educational research access on this site in the near future.”
Protection of the property will add to the Southern Conservation Trusts significant work of protecting nearly 20,000 acres of greenspace, forests, rivers, and wildlife habitats in 2018 throughout Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Kentucky.
About the Southern Conservation Trust
The Southern Conservation Trust elevates nature through exceptional stewardship through over 16,000 acres of conserved land throughout the Southeast, with an additional 20,000 acres in 2018 and 7 public nature areas in Fayette County, Georgia.  www.sctlandtrust.org.

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