The Southern Conservation Trust, a Georgia based land conservation organization working to protect vital habitats and resources, today announces that they have officially protected a 162 acre property in Bartow County, Georgia from becoming a landfill.


This project began in late 2016 when the landowners, eager to protect the property, contacted the Southern Conservation Trust for alternative options. The local community played a key role in advocating for the protection of the property. The property, which has been referred to as the Hodges Mine, as well as Hodges Quarry, was mined for Iron Ore until the 1940s, the property has since regenerated and the mined areas have filled in with water, creating beautiful freshwater ponds.


“We are grateful to the current owners for making the decision to conserve this beautiful property,” said Katie Pace, Executive Director of the Southern Conservation Trust. “Conserving this land will protect the groundwater in the community as well as provide a resource to local residents. We commend the local community members that began the petition to stop the landfill and helped make this possible.”


The conservation easement now placed on the 162 acre property will forever protect the property from becoming a landfill or more importantly any type of development. The property contains a large Pine-Oak Woodlands Forest, which is identified by the Georgia State Wildlife Action Plan as a high priority habitat. The protection of the property also protects waters in the Coosa River Watershed and the Etowah River subbasin, both high priority areas in the state of Georgia. There is also strong habitat for many species, including white-tailed deer, coyotes, fox, wild turkey, and migratory birds.  


About the Southern Conservation Trust

The Southern Conservation Trust elevates nature through exceptional stewardship through over 32,000 acres of conserved land throughout the Southeast, as well as 8 public nature areas in Fayette County, Georgia.

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