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A new 23-acre passive nature preserve located on the Fayette County Board of Education property behind Whitewater High School has been approved and will open in early-2019.


The Board of Education entered into an agreement with the Southern Conservation Trust on Feb. 25 to create a public nature preserve. The property will be available for public use during non-school hours. The property will also be protected under a conservation easement, protecting water in the Flint River Watershed, a high priority watershed in the State of Georgia, as well as a habitat for migratory birds and a number of other wildlife species. The property will be left mostly undisturbed except for a passive trail system and dock on the pond.


The Southern Conservation Trust and Board of Education are holding a naming competition at Whitewater High School to let the students name the future nature area.


“Given the connectivity to Whitewater High School, Sara Harp Minter Elementary School, and Whitewater Middle School this nature preserve will provide vital environmental resources and outdoor recreation to the students and teachers,” said Katie Pace, Executive Director of the Southern Conservation Trust.  “We are also thankful to be able to use the area for environmental education that will be provided by the Trusts Director of Conservation & Outdoor Education, Nick Kilburg and their Senior Conservation Biologist, Matthew Ivey.”


The Southern Conservation Trust will work with the Whitewater High School teachers to build the trail systems and conduct volunteer workdays on the property. If you would like to volunteer or donate to the project please email the Southern Conservation Trust at volunteer@sctlandtrust.org.


About the Southern Conservation Trust

The Southern Conservation Trust elevates nature through exceptional stewardship through over 32,000 acres of conserved land throughout the Southeast, as well as 8 public nature areas in Fayette County, Georgia.  www.sctlandtrust.org.

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