SCT Nature Book Corner – Staff picks:

Where the Crawdads Sing – Delia Owens – This work of fiction by a wildlife biologist paints a vivid picture of the ecological landscape of coastal North Carolina (working in murder and family drama) and is best for mature audiences. Find a video about the author and story here on YouTube.

Sand County Almanac – Aldo Leopold – A staple of naturalists everywhere, this is the father of wildlife management’s seminal work and includes chapter-length essays on wildlife, conservation, and ecology, focused on the Southwest. 10-minute YouTube video by the Leopold Foundation about the book’s enduring impact.

Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel and How They Communicate – Peter Wohlleben – A German forester’s amazing perspective on trees – how they interact with one another and their world. 3-minute interview on YouTube; 10-minute interview on YouTube.

Wilderness and the American Mind – Roderick Nash – This influential book explores the development of Americans’ relationship with nature. One-hour video special by Rod Nash; shorter video on wildness.

A Walk in the Woods – Bill Bryson- This is the humorous telling of the author’s journey hiking the Appalachian Trail. Check out the 2015 movie adaptation if you’d like to explore the story more!

Botany of Desire – Michael Polan – The well-written story of how some of our most popular plants were developed (better for adults).
Short preview and full-length PBS documentary based on the book.

Life on Ice – Lonnie Dupre – The story of Lonnie Dupre’s Arctic expedition. YouTube link of live reading and Lonnie’s website with more content about his expeditions (blog, interviews, presentations, expeditions, books, and film).

Desert Solitaire – Edward Abbey – Like Sand County Almanac, a hallmark of environmental writing that will transport you to the desert southwest for many well-told adventures. Get some background on the somewhat controversial figure that is Edward Abbey and reflect on the book with this library’s discussion guide.


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