Use this guide to learn how to observe organisms and upload them to iNaturalist!


First, download the iNaturalist app for free onto your phone.


Under the “More” options at the bottom of the screen, go to “Projects” and select “City Nature Challenge 2020”



Here you will be able to see all of the observations that have been made within this project! Take a moment to look around. You might discover something really amazing near you that you didn’t know was there!


To make your observation, take a picture of the organism you want to identify.

You can then click on “What did you see?” and iNaturalist will automatically suggest species that might be what you took a picture of. If you can use these suggested species to easily identify your organism, then great! If not, you can leave it blank and people will come in later to identify all of the observations.



Once you click “Share”, your observation has been recorded! Great job!!



Learn more here.

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