Nature Elevated Capital Campaign

For nearly 30 years, the Southern Conservation Trust (SCT) has been dedicated to elevating nature through the exceptional stewardship of over 74,000 acres of land throughout the United States. We don’t just believe in protecting land, we believe people should have equal access to enjoy it. SCT accomplishes its mission through the Fayette Environmental Education Center, public nature areas, and land and wildlife conservation.


We’re proud to say that we’ve been protecting the land we love and providing environmental education since 1993. We strive to meet the environmental education needs of all of the members of the communities we serve.


As we approach our 30th year of service, the Southern Conservation Trust seeks $6.7 million from our philanthropic neighbors to expand environmental education in our community by Securing a home for environmental education, Transforming the way we educate, and Sustaining our future.


This new space and land will allow us to bring everything that we do under one roof. It will also give us the ability to teach multiple classes and programs at once so that we can offer a greater variety of environmental and agricultural education opportunities to more children, families, and visitors. We will have plenty of room to grow from within, as well as create education and recreational space outdoors and convert a portion of the property into a public botanical garden and community garden with educational trails.

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Project Vision & Cost

Why a historic home and land? Do we really need more bricks and mortar in environmental education?


There are 103 public schools in Fayette, Coweta, and Henry Counties, serving over 92,000 children, a large portion of which are not engaged in any sort of program that teaches environmental education and provides outdoor recreation.


We believe and are firmly resolved to reach every single young person in our community, and illuminate their future through nature. The building and property, as a whole, is an essential tool to help us achieve this mission. And as our mission will extend far beyond the walls and property line, we are committed to taking the steps to develop the programs, infrastructure, and opportunities that will best serve our community. This building is the first of its kind in South Metro Atlanta.


In 2019, SCT had an exciting opportunity to invest in our community by purchasing 305 Beauregard Boulevard, a historic home in downtown Fayetteville. The home and grounds have been converted into an environmental education center. It also serves as SCT’s long-awaited headquarters.


In 2021, another opportunity presented itself for SCT to purchase 455 Beauregard Boulevard, comprised of three acres, and the connected 4.89 acres on Grady Avenue. SCT is motivated to purchase the connecting 15 acres of wildlife habitat to protect it from development as it is currently for sale. This expansion would allow SCT to connect the community to nature by installing public walking trails.


The goal of the campaign is to raise $6.7 million for multiple environmental education facilities on 30 acres in downtown Fayetteville, Georgia that can meet the current and future needs of the community.

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To receive more information about the Nature Elevated Capital Campaign or Southern Conservation Trust projects requiring private funding, please contact:


Tori Betsill

Fundraising Manager

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Liz Hall-Dukin

Director of Nature Center & Public Art

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Please join us on Saturday, September 17th, 2022 at The Dottie at Triumph Station in downtown Fayetteville, Georgia for our Celebration of Conservation and the public launch of our Nature Elevated Capital Campaign. Learn more at

Thank You to Our Nature Elevated Partners

To make a donation of Stock, Land, Gift-In-Kind, or Corporate Pledge please contact our Fundraising Manager, Tori Betsill at or call 770-486-7774 ext: 711.