Together we can
elevate nature.

Preserving nature is what gives us joy! So we’re focused on making sure that everyone has access to nature. We develop public nature areas, provide environmental education at our public Nature Center, and conserve tens of thousands of acres of land, waterways, and valuable habitat.

Your involvement with our organization is imperative for the Southern Conservation Trust fulfilling its mission and elevating nature! 

Ways You Can Elevate Nature

We have several ways you can help through volunteering at parks or the Fayette Environmental Education Center.

Donate to protect local wildlife, conserve forests, promote environmental education, & safeguard rivers.

We offer a variety of events that you can get involved with! We would love to have you come out and join us in our efforts.

Join us today for fantastic nature adventures, discoveries, and experiences that only happen when you are a valued member of our organization.

Partnering with us provides organizations a way to accomplish their social responsibility goals by having a direct impact on our ability to elevate nature.

Whether you’re an animal lover, fan of nature, summer camper, nature lover, or just looking for an adventure in nature, we offer a unique educational experience!