One Killer. Three Victims. Can you and your guests piece together this Mystery at Midnight Manor and win it all?

Saturday, November 12, 2022
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Join The Southern Conservation Trust and step back in time for a night of murder, mystery, bribery, dark secrets, and otherworldly creatures to discover the killer of the Midnight Springs Massacre.

It’s 1892; Midnight Springs is a quaint town off the beaten path. It is filled with tradition and proud locals who have been residing here for longer than anyone cares to remember. On the outskirts of town sits a manor that had been long forgotten. Its windows had been broken. Its wood rotted long ago. It rested as a spot for troublesome teenagers to drag their friends and recount the terrible tragedies that happened here 20 years ago, the tragedies of the Midnight Springs Massacre in 1872. Legend has it that this land, and all who step foot on it, are cursed. It sat desolate and uninhabited for years before our mysterious stranger, Viktor Gastin, decided to relocate to this small town and repair the house to its former glory. Viktor hopes that he can prove the legends wrong; he hopes that he can put a rest to all of the ghost stories. But that, of course, is not how this evening will end. Only 40 sleuths will be invited to Viktor Gastin’s exclusive gathering at Midnight Manor so don’t wait to reserve your seat. 

Be an essential character of your choice, or if you steer on the shy side, you can opt to be a secondary character of the inspector. Select your character for the evening in your ticket options. Dressing in 1892 fashion in character is not required but highly encouraged.

We have partnered with  Clothes Less Traveled to give you excellent costume choices to get into character. Just visit Tues anytime to Fri 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and ask for the SCT MurderMystery Section. 

Thank you to  B Worth It Charcuterie for catering a bountiful charcuterie table and  Nothing Bundt Cakes in McDonough for a decadent dessert spread.  

Character List

Viktor or Viktoria Gastin: The Mysterious Stranger• Male or Female

Mysterious, Commanding, and a bit of a Show-Off. He/she has traveled the world and collected as many oddities as possible.

Mable Cortez: The Estate Keeper • Female

Intelligent and Bitter with a Nasty Temper. She does not seem very fond of anyone, especially her boss, Viktor Gastin.

Marguerite Kelley: The Maid • Female

Fun, Feisty, and Temperamental. While she technically serves as Viktor Gastin’s maid, she prioritizes partying.

Rupert Green: The Butler • Male

Hardworking, Serious, and Extremely Intense. He serves as the Butler for Viktor Gastin, and while he is not particularly fond of his job or employer, he is outstandingly efficient at it.

Odell Varney: The Farmer • Male

Conservative, Strict, and Stubborn. His family has lived in Midnight Springs for as long as it’s been a town, and he never lets anyone forget it.

Charmaine Chandler: The Heiress • Female

Condescending, Rich, and Entitled. When she was a small child, she was one of the few survivors of the Midnight Springs Massacre.

Thurman Guenther: The Graveyard Keeper • Male

Mysterious, Cryptic, and full of Knowledge. No one knows much about Thurman Guenther, but everyone has heard of him.

Sunni Sargent: The Sheriff • Female

Free-Loving, Laid-Back, and a little Empty-Headed. Sunni became a sheriff very young due to a lack of competition.

Avery Grisby: The Author • Gender Neutral

Dark, Troubled, and Very Ominous. They’ve made a name for themselves worldwide as best-selling horror authors.

Kennedy Moss: The Journalist • Gender Neutral

They were determined, Successful, and Dramatic. They truly embody a rags-to-riches story. When they were just a child, they were one of the sole survivors of the Midnight Springs Massacre.

Rod Rigsby: The General • Male

Confident, Intense, and Humorless. He’s a retired War General, and everyone can tell from his actions.

Cheyenne Reynoso: The Psychiatrist • Female

Great Intentions, Terrible Execution. Cheyenne had always dreamed of becoming a psychiatrist and helping people.

Lola Mae: The Gossiper • Female

Stylish, Insta-Famous, and Entitled. While Lola comes from this small town of Midnight Springs, she’ll be damned if she stays here forever.

Chauncey Salter: The Judge • Male

He was dignified, Proud, and an Elitist. He’s been around this town for quite some time and could easily be considered one of the most influential people in Midnight Springs.

Paris Houle: The Ghost Hunter • Female

Naive, Hard-Working, and far too Nosey. Paris doesn’t have the connections that most people at this party do, but she begged to be on the guest list and was overjoyed when she was accepted.

Zacharia Truitt: The Priest • Male

Holy, Dark, and Extremely Judgmental. Zacharia has dedicated his life to the church and believes wholeheartedly in his life’s work.

Noah Estrada: The Entrepreneur • Male

Holy, Dark, and Extremely Judgmental. Noah started his very own company fresh out of college and has since turned it into a multi-billion dollar corporation.

Kami Kane: The Enigma • Female

Dark, Brooding, and Mysterious. No one knows precisely who Kami Kane is or why she’s at this party, but her dark and commanding nature makes others too afraid to ask her.

Blake Noble: The Mayor • Gender Neutral

Political, Persistent, and Always Campaigning. Blake has been the mayor of Midnight Springs for about five years now, and they’re not about to let their term end any time soon.

Logan Davies: The Chef • Gender Neutral

Grisly, Intense, and Very Questionable. Logan is a bit of a wildcard to the townsfolk of Midnight Springs, and people tend not to cross them.

Secondary Character: The Inspector • Gender Neutral

Intuitive, constantly questioning, and here to get to the bottom of the story!

Melvin Cruz: The Conspiracy Theorist • Male

Shifty, Condescending, and Fearful of Everything. Melvin has read just about every conspiracy theory that exists and often spends his nights diving down deep rabbit holes in old books.

Ada Varney: The Overbearing Mother • Female

Intense, Traditional, and Smothering. Ada is a hard-hitting and traditional southern woman who has been running the old farm in town for her whole life.

Seymour Jobe: The Fishing Captain • Male

Rugged, Dark Humored, and a bit of a Mystery. Seymour Jobe is a local legend for the tall tales he tells when it comes to fishing.

Sylvia Holt: The Mysterious Widow • Female

Condescending, Flirtatious, and Filthy Rich. Silvia Holt is absolutely swimming in cash from the life insurance policies of her three dead husbands.

Bud Whitman: The Local Drunk • Male

Caring, Sweet, and Barely Coherent. Everyone in town knows that you can always find Bud Whitman at the local tavern.

Cleo Pond: The Old Witch • Female

Cryptic, Magical, and Very Dark. Old Cleo Pond has lived on the outskirts of town for as long as anyone can remember.

Bertram Trudeau: The Trust Fund Baby • Male

Well-traveled, Well-Educated, and Terribly Arrogant. Bertram Trudeau comes from an extremely wealthy family and, well, long story short, he’s never had to work for anything a day in his life.

Parker Lockhart: The Crime Scene Detective• Gender Neutral

Grisly, Troubled, and very Intense. Parker has made a name for themselves as the most intense detective on the scene.

Angel Skinner: The Daredevil • Gender Neutral

Dark, Dangerous, and Slightly Idiotic. Angel realized at a young age that they could do dangerous things for attention, and it just stuck.

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