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Element Exposures

Exposure to nature’s elements is a natural, quick remedy for our mental and physical health. Here are few listed below to take advantage of right outside your home, or at one of our local nature areas! 1. Sunlight A variety of our bodies’ functions are directly affected by sunlight. All of the wavelengths provided by sunlight that our bodies need, are not found in the electrical lighting used by individuals daily. This everyday contact with false lighting can eliminate our connection with the sun’s daily and seasonal cycles. The use of the sun to light the indoors has been proven to enhance school and workplace production. Sunshine exposure on the hands and face alone can lessen winter depression. Numerous studies have discovered the direct importance of sunlight exposure. Consistent sunshine can improve heart health, muscle strength, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Melatonin production also increases through sunlight, along with the body’s feel good neurotransmitter, serotonin. 2. Dark nights On the contrary, our bodies are prompted to fall asleep by the night’s darkness. Street, traffic and porch lights interfere with those indications to fall asleep. Discoveries have proved that if there is an abundance of light in the bedroom it will […]

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The Rossetti Family Launches Fundraising Campaign for Rossetti Memorial Pavilion at The Ridge Nature Area in Fayetteville

2014 was a very difficult year for the Rossetti family. The untimely death of V. Michael Rossetti, was shortly followed by the passing of Michael’s father, Vincent F. Rossetti. Both cherished and respected members of Fayette County, these significant and sudden losses were deeply felt by everyone who knew the Rossetti family. After careful planning, a fitting tribute to the legacy of these great men has been designed. The family is thrilled to announce the beginning of a community-led fundraising campaign for the Rossetti Memorial Pavilion at The Ridge Nature Area in Fayetteville. “It is with a great sense of gratitude that we embark on this journey to memorialize Vince and Michael Rossetti.  Both of these men were genuinely dedicated to the Fayette County community. Through their involvement with The Optimist Club of Peachtree City, The YMCA, The Southern Conservation Trust, The Home Builders Association of Midwest Georgia, The Joseph Sams School, Fayette County Ducks Unlimited, their churches and the endless list of teams and schools they sponsored over the last 40 years, Vince and Michael touched the lives of thousands upon thousands of Fayette County residents. We hope to continue their legacy of providing shelter and comfort through these […]

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16,300+ Acres Protected Throughout Georgia and Tennessee!

Fayette County Based Nonprofit Now Protects Over 16,300 Acres in Georgia and Tennessee   Furthering conservation by achieving Guidestar Platinum Transparency   PEACHTREE CITY, Feb. 6, 2018 – The Southern Conservation Trust announces its largest increase in conserved land in the land trust’s 25-year history.  In early 2016, the Trust had just over 2,800 acres under conservation – with a primary focus on the southern crescent of Atlanta.  As of today, the Trust now protects over 16,300 acres across throughout Georgia and Tennessee, including multiple coastal wetlands in the Savannah area and river frontage on the Flint River.   “Building on the organization’s strong foundation, we have been able to significantly expand our reach in the past year,” said Katie Pace, who became SCT’s Executive Director in late 2016. “Conserving land and providing environmental education is the primary focus of the organization, and I am thrilled to have the chance to protect over 16,300 acres of resource valuable land across Georgia and Tennessee.”   In February 2018, the Southern Conservation Trust was awarded Guidestar’s Platinum Seal of Transparency. GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.   In 2018, the Southern Conservation Trust will offer additional environmental […]

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The Ridge Turtle Project

The Southern Conservation Trust and Clayton State University have been working together to help the Eastern Box Turtles in Fayetteville, Georgia. So far, the box turtle population has been decreasing because of predators. Armadillos and people are the main predators for the box turtles. Armadillos eat turtle eggs. When the eggs are laid, there are pheromones that are released from the nests, enticing the armadillos. Dennis Chase, Dr. Diane day from Clayton State, and myself have been monitoring the turtles at The Ridge Nature Area in Fayetteville. We have seventeen nests on one side of the creek and six on the other side. Hatching season is upon us, but, so far, there has not been much activity or hatchlings. We believe it is because of low rainfall so the dirt is too hard and compact for the baby turtles to crawl out of. We are hoping there will be hatchlings soon because of the heavy rain that we just had. It takes about 70-100 days for the turtles to hatch, and a lot of the nests are nearing 75-80 days. Hopefully, there will be some hatchlings soon.   The photo to the left is a one-year old baby turtle from […]

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