Executive Assistant

Angela Goddard

Executive Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator


Career Highlights and Education

Prior to SCT I worked at a local high school managing student data and left to work for an airline. I held various positions and took an early out package because of the pandemic. I have a BS in Administrative Management from Clayton State University, and years of administrative experience. After spending time in a corporate environment, I knew I wanted to do something new and sought to work in the nonprofit sector.



After living in Fayette County for 20 years, my husband, Don, our min pin, Rocket, and I moved to Senoia last year. My mother and daughter (just 10 minutes away) still live in Peachtree City.


What I Do for SCT

As the Executive Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator at SCT I provide administrative support, office oversite, and work with our volunteers. I’m super excited to be part of an amazing organization, and I’m here to support in any way I can. When I’m not working you can find me reading or gardening at home. I love to travel and can’t wait to do that again soon.


Favorite SCT Park

My favorite park is Morgan’s Grove because I love all things moss. The trails are wide and flat, and covered in beautiful blankets of moss. It is a breathtaking sight.



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