Stewardship Coordinator

Clayton Reeves

Stewardship Coordinator


Career Highlights and Education

After starting out at West Georgia, I transferred to the University of Georgia to finish out my bachelor’s degree in Wildlife and Fisheries. While at UGA, I studied wildlife and habitat management, water conservation, and soil sciences. Since graduating in 2019, I have gotten my job at SCT and visited over 150 properties in 6 different states for the Trust.  



I live with my wife, Ashley, and our two dogs named Koda and Moose, and our two cats named Binx and Kit.


What I Do for SCT

I coordinate going to and visiting the conservation easements that we hold in 11 states and ensure that property owners are being diligent land stewards. I also fly drones and write land management plans and baselines for the Trust. 


Favorite SCT Park

My favorite SCT park would have to be The Ridge. It just has so many trails that people can walk or run that go through a variety of different habitats. It also has picnic tables for a quick and refreshing outdoor lunch spot that is just a few minutes from our office!



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