Director of Conservation and Stewardship

Jesse Woodsmith

Director of Conservation and Stewardship


Career Highlights and Education

I earned my B.S. in Biology from Furman University in Greenville, SC and my M.S. in Wildlife Biology from Clemson. I’ve studied ecology at home and abroad, spent summers tracking puma in New Mexico, and surveyed bird communities in the Blue Ridge and Piedmont regions of South Carolina.


Between degrees, I served in the AmeriCorps “Project Conserve” program in Western North Carolina, on the stewardship team at the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy. I’ve also done ecological contract work on historic bird and national forest data.


I’ve always been interested in special places, people’s history with them, and the species that can be found within these spaces.




I live with my husband, Joshua, and my Carolina dingo, Rupert. My beloved extended family is closeby in both Carolinas.



What I Do for SCT

I oversee both our land protection efforts (conservation of properties) and the perpetual care and management of those properties (stewardship). I run these programs with Brian and Clayton’s help and by working closely with other staff. Whether it’s for a conservation easement or a private preserve, I help make sure we are responsible stewards of these special places and natural habitats¬†



Favorite SCT Public Nature Area

I appreciate getting out to the private preserves we manage, but my favorite public nature area is Sams Lake Bird Sanctuary. It contains an incredible mix of wildlife species and habitats for its size and it never disappoints for a wetland photo op. Game cameras we’ve put up in the past near the beaver dam have yielded some incredible footage of beavers, otters, coyote, herons, and kingfishers! I love seeing what critters are using these spaces when we are not.



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