Line Creek Brewing Company, located in Peachtree City and Fayetteville, Georgia, and Eco Terra, located in Atlanta, Georgia, have been named the 2022 Conservationists of the Year by the Southern Conservation Trust for their extraordinary contributions to land and wildlife conservation in Georgia.

This 1st Annual Southeast Conservationist of the Year Award, presented by the Southern Conservation Trust, a leading land trust in Georgia, was put in place to honor the extraordinary conservation efforts in Georgia and the Southeast. 

“This inaugural year, we are honored to present the first ever Conservationist of the Year Award to two amazing Georgia businesses,” said Katie Pace Quattlebaum, CEO & Executive Director of the Southern Conservation Trust. “Line Creek Brewing Company, through their #ConserveGeorgia beer, has contributed tens of thousands of donors to conservation in Georgia, protecting land and wildlife for future generations.’

“Environmentally committed to land restoration, alternative energy, and a sustainable future, Southern Conservation Trust is honored to present a 2022 Southeast Conservationist of the Year Award to EcoTerra for protecting and restoring vital wetlands in North Carolina,” said Pace Quattlebaum.

These organizations and the individuals that uphold their respective missions have been instrumental in protecting land and wildlife habitats in the Southeast. Further, dedicate their time, talents, passion, and resources to safeguarding nature through on-the-ground conservation efforts. 


The Southern Conservation Trust, based in Fayetteville, Georgia, is dedicated to elevating nature through exceptional stewardship throughout Georgia and the Southeast. Founded in 1993, the organization has had a leap of growth in the last five years, resulting in the conservation of over 67,000 acres in 13 states, the opening of the Fayette Environmental Education Center, and the additional growth of nearly a dozen public nature preserves.  www.sctlandtrust.org.


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