The Southern Conservation Trust announced today the acceptance of a portion of Land Trust for America’s conservation easements and fee simple properties. The two non-profits have been working towards this common goal since the summer of 2020 and the transfer was finalized on May 23, 2022, and was celebrated by both organizations as a successful way to ensure the protection of land and wildlife habitat in the southeast.

“Land Trust for America has conserved some amazing properties since their founding as the Audubon Environmental Land Trust in 2009,” remarked Katie Pace Quattlebaum, CEO and Executive Director, Southern Conservation Trust. “By acquiring a portion of LTFA’s conservation easements and fee simple properties, we have the opportunity to deepen our commitment to conservation across the southeast, while continuing to steward the legacy of these lands in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.”

The land portfolio transferred from Land Trust for America to the Southern Conservation Trust represents more than 15,950 acres of conserved land in three states and over 240 acres of fee simple properties in central-to-coastal North Carolina. The Southern Conservation Trust is poised to protect this land and elevate nature for years to come.


The Southern Conservation Trust elevates nature through exceptional stewardship through over 65,000 acres of protected and conserved land throughout the Southeast, as well as 5 public nature areas in Fayette County, Georgia, and the Fayette Environmental Education Center in Downtown Fayetteville, Georgia. www.sctlandtrust.org and www.fayettenature.org

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