Technology has come a long way since the Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) Cameras that captured some of the most iconic nature photography by scientists and naturalists in the 20th century. The digital age revolutionized nature viewing in ways that many could have never imagined (and some may even disagree with!). These days, dramatic scenes unfolding in the wild can even be captured by satellite imagery and video.

We here at Southern Conservation Trust encourage nature lovers (and everyone else!) to explore and learn about their local outdoor settings whenever possible. However, sometimes it’s too cold, too hot, there’s too little time, or we’re just too darn tired. Thankfully technology has allowed parks, nature centers, and wildlife refuges to place numerous webcams around the southeast; live-streaming the natural world straight to our digital devices! Below is a compiled webcam list that illustrates southeastern nature at its finest. Please check these out and revisit frequently to catch all the action but remember, nature is not always kind or exciting, and these are wild settings. 

In addition, Southern Conservation Trust staff also employ some of this technology when conducting wildlife surveys. Trail cameras are placed strategically throughout properties in order to survey wildlife,  helping landowners understand what animals their property hosts and how to better manage their land. Below are some of the best pictures taken in 2021… Enjoy!

Please note that all images were taken with Bushnell Trophy Cam HD, and are property of Southern Conservation Trust. If you would like to use these photos for educational purposes, please reach out to [email protected] for permission.

Nature Webcams Around the Southeastern U.S.

The famous Berry College Eagles! Going strong since 2012. 

See Florida manatees staying warm and floating around lazily. 

Wolf Bay – Orange, AL – Ospreys, otherwise known as Fish Eagles!

Candid Critters – 1.8 million photos of 90,347 animal detections from 3,917 camera traps in North Carolina and you can participate.

Honorable mention outside of the Southeast – Brooks Fall Bear Cam – watch brown bears catch salmon!

Skidaway Island, GA – Great Horned Owls using an Osprey nest. 

Outer Banks, NC – Underwater ocean-streaming that includes sharks and barracuda. 

Live Elk Cam – Hatfield Knob – North Cumberland WMA – Tennessee

St. Augustine Alligator Zoological Park – Not quite a nature setting but come on, it’s still alligators!

Honorable mention outside of the Southeast – Virtual Zoology: The Animal Kingdom Branch of Biology


The Southern Conservation Trust elevates nature through exceptional stewardship through over 65,000 acres of conserved land throughout the Southeast, as well as 6 public nature areas in Fayette County, Georgia, and the Fayette Environmental Education Center in Downtown Fayetteville, Georgia. Learn more at www.sctlandtrust.org.

Written by: Brian McKnight, Senior Conservation Biologist


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