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The Ridge Nature Area

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Each of us can do our part in keeping nature areas clean. We want you to enjoy your visit: bring a picnic, munch on snacks, and rehydrate during your hike. But, please make sure you leave no trace of your visit. Take advantage of the trash cans provided at each nature area.

Some visitors have even hauled out more than their share of trash. Now that's stewardship!

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Nestled between Gingercake Creek and Whitewater Creek, The Ridge includes 308 acres of natural beauty which provide a glimpse into a multitude of ecosystems, opportunities for environmental education and a diverse mix of passive recreational experiences.

The Ridge is a City of Fayetteville public greenspace project. After years of desiring to develop the nature area, the City engaged Southern Conservation Trust to develop and manage the public use nature area. A Master Vision Plan has been created and amenities will be implemented in phases and as community support allows. The Vision calls for some opportunities not currently found in Fayette County.

The history of The Ridge provides unique opportunities. It is located within the Piedmont region habitat and has been subject to modification by humans for over 10,000 years.  Fire and agriculture have shaped a rich biosphere with diverse plants and animal species that have adapted to these practices.  We cannot be intellectually honest and claim that the Ridge is an undisturbed natural area.  Over 200 acres of the 308 acres of the Ridge that are not wetlands were clear cut in the 1820’s, and farmed up to the mid 1960’s, with only a few patches remaining of “old growth” trees or vegetation.  These farm plots have slowly recovered as forest, but with little diversity and a large amount of invasive species such as privet. As part of the conservation plan for The Ridge, Three Scout projects have specifically focused on changing the habitat diversity through a forest plot and two meadows projects.

Nature Area Map

Map of The Ridge Nature Area (updated 9/7/2018)

The Ridge Nature Area (updated 9/7/2018)

Completed Projects:

The Entrance was completed thanks to the hard work and in-kind commitment of the crew and equipment from Brent Scarbrough and Company.  The first phase of entrance driveways and parking areas have been graded and stoned. The in-kind trucking was graciously provided by Concrete Supply Company and the stone was provided by Hanson Aggregates / Tyrone.  The security gate was installed thanks to the support of C & C Fence Company. The Ridge Porch Restrooms have been completed by MEJA Construction and will open in 2018.

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