Volunteers are an Essential Part of Our Team

As a nonprofit, we have several ways you can help us at the Southern Conservation Trust and the Fayette Environmental Education Center. We offer a variety of options such as youth, adult, long-term, and short-term volunteer opportunities. At the Southern Conservation Trust, we recognize our volunteers’ hard work and know that we could not uphold our mission to elevate nature through exceptional stewardship without YOU!

Volunteering with SCT & FEEC

We offer a variety of different programs for volunteering with the Southern Conservation Trust such as: 

  • Exceptional Young Stewards Program
  • Docent Program
  • Individual Volunteer Opportunities
  • Corporate Park Partners
  • Scout Projects
  • Community Volunteer Events
  • Internships, Community Service, and more!

Exceptional Young Stewards Program

The Exceptional Young Steward (EYS) Program is a service club focused on producing the next generation of conservationists.

The goal of the EYS program is to prepare youth who are interested in the environmental conservation field to enter into college or the workforce after graduation through hands-on experience.

Who Can Join?

The program is open to all high schoolers who can dedicate at least four service hours a month.

Program Tracking
  • Hummingbird (First year benchmark: ~50 hours)
  • Yellow Swallowtail (Second year: ~100 hours)
  • Box Turtle (Third year: ~150 hours)
  • River Otter (Fourth year: ~200 hours)
  • Exceptional Young Steward Award (Special honor given to those who exceed 250 hours)
Why Should You Join?
  • Give back to your community
  • Learn valuable skills
  • Make professional connections
  • Guided career/college prep

Docent Program

Docents are trusted long-term, guest facing volunteers . Most of your service will be at the Fayette Environmental Education Center and will include guiding tours, customer service, animal care, and more!

Docents can still volunteer independently at the parks and other volunteer events. Past hours from previous years will even be grandfathered into the docent program.

Who Can Join?

The program is open to anyone 18 years or older who can commit to at least 4 hours a month, and pass a background check.

Program Tracking Provides Awards For Each Level
  • Sapling (0-10 hours): Sapling Docents will be given an SCT shirt + free entry to the FEEC
  • Buckeye (10-25 hours): “Park Partner” sticker + two one-time guest passes per year to the FEEC
  • Redbud (25-50): An official SCT Docent name badge
  • Dogwood (50-100 hours)
    Designate one additional person for free entry to the FEEC
  • Tulip Poplar (100-150 hours):
    Member pricing on educational programs and Camp WILD
  • Magnolia (150-250 hours):
    Hero for Nature Member patch, Qualify for member pricing on the annual benefit and Oyster Roast
  • Chestnut (250-500 hours):
    Four one-time guest passes per year to FEEC + Qualify for 15% discount in FEEC store
  • Live Oak (500+ hours):
    New name badge indicating their achievement + Special recognition at the volunteer banquet

**Docents will be given a new shirt every year OR every 50 hours.

Individual Volunteers

Volunteer on your own time with our many independent projects depending on your interest & skill set: trash pick up, photography, events, and more!

Corporate Park Partners

Have a group of 5 or more in your company, organization, or social group and want to be more involved in your community? Become an SCT Park Partner!

Scout Projects

Safe, accessible, and attractive parks are part of all healthy and vibrant communities. The Southern Conservation Trust manages and maintains six public nature preserves throughout Fayette County. These nature areas are used by tens of thousands of visitors each year for outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, cycling, fitness, and environmental education.

Scouts that partner with the Southern Conservation Trust to assist in the beautification and maintenance of these public nature preserves. This is your group’s opportunity to help protect and preserve our land and natural habitats, and create a desirable and safe park system for everyone to enjoy.

We can accommodate a variety of projects to assist you with completing a Boy Scout Eagle Award, a Girl Scout High Award, a Girl Scout Take Action Project, community services hours, and badges.

Community Volunteer Events

Keep an eye out for upcoming volunteer days to fix up our nature areas. The location of these will vary monthly and the activities will vary based on current needs.

We love nature and every act of kindness helps us elevate it together.

Every person makes a difference. 

We have several ways you can help through volunteering at our nature areas, conserving land or at our very own Fayette Environmental Education Center.

Questions about volunteering?

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator for additional information.

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